Historical Civil War Data

This site contains daily and sub-daily coded data on historical civil wars. The data are interval. The date, day, action type, location, each sides' action, captures, injuries and deaths are shown, and there is a description of each event with the identification of the original source, which in these data is typically a history book.

At present you will find all files both in Microsoft Office 97/2000 and in text formats. The data are in Excel 97/2000 format as well as in text and tab-delimited format. Now complete are the Archidmanian, Irish, Russian, Spanish and U.S. civil wars.The Yugoslav civil wars will be uploaded soon.

If you have comments or questions about the data, please contact me at ronfran@ku.edu. Please notify me and cite the URL if you publish a paper or a book with the data.

a Irish Civil WarRussia 1917-1920U.S. 1861-1865Wars of the Roses
File contentOffice 2000 fileText file
Archidmanian WarArchidamanianWar.xlsArhidamanianWar.txt
Spain 1936-1939Spanishcivilwar.xlsSpanishcivilwar.txt
U.S. CivilWar.xlsU.S Civil War.txt

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